Nov. 9th, 2006 19:27
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полезный термин by Орсон Скотт Кард.

Knacks - так этот автор называет необычные способности жителей своего мира. Один человек умеет всегда оказываться там, где происходит нечто важное, другой плетёт корзину так, что она никогда не расплетётся, третья знает, когда визави лжёт, а когда говорит правду. Каждый умеет что-то одно.

“One fellow says that knacks come because of a natural affinity between a person and some aspect of the world around him. It's not from God or Satan, he says. It's just part of the random variation in the world. This fellow says that a knack is really a matter of winning the trust of some part of reality. He reckons that the Reds, who don't believe in knacks, have found the truth behind it all. A White man gets it in his head he has a knack, and from then on all he works on is honing that particular talent. But if, like the Reds, he saw knacks as just an aspect of the way all things are connected together, then he wouldn't concentrate on just one talent. He'd keep working on all of them. So in this fellow's view, knacks are just the result of too much work on one thing, and not enough work on all the rest. Like a hodsman who carries bricks only on his right shoulder. His body's going to get twisted. You have to study it all, learn it all. Every knack is within our power to acquire it, I reckon, if only we…”


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